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Northern Lights Exploration

Frozen Night, Mystery & Magic

To go into the dark, frozen winter night and observe an unbelievable display of color, light and texture, is like waking up in a fairy-tale, full of mystery and magic. We pick you up at your Hotel or Guesthouse and drive out to the countryside or up to the mountains, away from electric glow and city sounds. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful night sky at the best possible situation, of course depending on weather.

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11900 ISK per person.

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  • Dark Icelandic Winter Night
  • Northern Lights
  • Star Bright Sky


September 1st - Apríl 15th


Daily at 21:30

Departure time



2,5 - 3 Hours


v Fully guided tour

v Transport


  • The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and beyond our control. They are visible in Iceland from September through April but visibility is subject to Northern Lights activity and cloud coverage
  • We cannot guarantee sightings even if the tour is operated
  • In case of no sighting of the Northern Lights we offer our customers a complimentary second departure on Northern Lights Tour the following evening. Confirmed reservation is necessary for the complimentary tour
  • Due to weather and/or road conditions we might have to alter the itinerary, have longer journey time or cancel the tour
  • Reservation is necessary

We recommend you bring

  • Warm clothing
  • Gloves
  • Camera

    Northern Lights Exploration

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