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Airport Direct – Keflavík Airport to Reykjavík

We're Quick and On Time

Airport Direct offers direct transfers to and from Reykjavik International Airport (Keflavík Airport) and all major hotels in Reykjavik.

Book your airport transfer online. Leaving Central Reykjavík on the hour and from the International Airport at 15 minutes past the hour

Why choose our service?

Unlike other operators, we only use mini-buses and do not have to transfer passengers to larger buses, this saves a lot of time and is highly convenient.

By using only mini-buses, limiting the number of hotel pick-ups and going directly from central Reykjavik to the airport (or vice versa) we guarantee you a quick, simple and on-time service.

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Price from

4.490 ISK per person

Tour type

Day Tour Reykjavík


  • Free WiFi
  • Free Pickup
  • Same bus from Airport to destination


All Year



Departure time

15 min past the hour


45 min


icon v Door to door transport

icon v Free WiFi


  • Flight Delay Guarantee as extra
    If your flight gets delayed for some reason, we monitor your arrival and guarantee a transfer from the Airport within 60 minutes from your arrival

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