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Akureyri City Walk

Get the Best Out of the Beautiful Town of Akureyri

Join this very eco-friendly Akureyri City Walk and explore the heart of Akureyri, learn of it’s history, heritage and visit all the highlights. We walk along the harbour area and city center and get first hand insights in the Icelandic way of life near the Arctic Circle, the cultural life as well as the economics. Among locations we visit is Hof Cultural Center, Akureyri Church, Akureyri Art Canyon and Ráðhústorg Square.

You should be aware that no two “Akureyri City Walk” tours are the same. All our local guides are unique, have different stories to tell, different backgrounds or education and will add their personal touch to the tour.

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Price from

4.900 ISK

Tour type

Day Tour Akureyri


Akureyri City Center ● Akureyri History ● Akureyri Church


All Year



Departure time



2 Hours


icon v Fully guided tour


  • Due to weather we might have to alter the itinerary, have longer journey time or cancellation of the tour
  • Reservation is necessary

Minimum on tour: 2 adults or minimum rate

Meeting point: Hof Cultural Center, Strandgata 12, 600 Akureyri (see map below)

We recommend you bring

  • Clothing and shoes according to weather

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    Akureyri City Walk

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