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Shore Excursions Reykjavik

Tour options for Reykjavík Cruise Ship Arrivals 2017. Find your Cruise ship arrival time in 2017 to Reykjavík on this link.

Reykjavík, the world’s most northerly capital combines colorful buildings and quirky people. The city’s charm lies in its many peculiar contrasts, which, like tectonic plates clashing against one another, create an earthquake of energy. Reykjavik is a popular destination for Cruise Ships in the North Atlantic for many reasons, one being the vibrant city life and another the natural wonders just outside the city limits, easily accessible on a one day excursions from the shore.

Saga Travel offers a variety of exciting private day tours to natural highlights such as The Golden Circle, The South Coast and The Blue Lagoon. We also offer a unique tour with focus on the culture and heritage of the rural Iceland and Icelandic Agriculture.

All our tours are operated according to each ship’s arrival / departure times. Each tour arrives at least 1 hour before ship departure.

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