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Reykjavík: Whales & Puffins on RIB Boats

2 Hour whale & bird watching tour starting from Reykjavik Old Harbour

Reykjavík: Whales & Puffins on RIB Boats is a real adventure tour. Experience the wildlife and nature adventure of a lifetime on our most personal whale watching tour. Our custom made RIB boats allow you to get closer the whales and puffins than any boats can offer. These fast, stable and safe boats also allow us to cover more area as we search for the wild life, thus increasing your chances of spotting whales, dolphins and birdlife.

This great whale watching tour starts from the old harbour of Reykjavík and we first visit the puffins in their natural habitat on the islands in the bay. Next we head out in search of the whales. Few things will beat the experience of seeing the whales and dolphins as up close as you can from our RIB boats. After our whale safari we travel back to Reykjavík, where we will take ride along the cities shore line, viewing it from the sea. Including a stop at the harbour side of Iceland´s most famous building, the glittering Harpa Concert Hall.

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Price from

21.990 ISK per person

Tour type

Day Tour Reykjavík


  • Get as close to the whales, puffins and wildlife as possible without disturbing them.
  • Our custom made RIB boats are fast and can cover a bigger search area than the classic whale watching boats.
  • See Reykjavík City and the Harpa Concert Hall from the sea.
  • Only 12 people per boat with expert whale guide and RIB boat captain.
  • Less time then the “Classic Whale Watching tour”, only 2 hours from harbour to harbour.
  • “Whale Guarantee” If we find no whales on your tour you get a free return ticket on our “Classic Whale Watching Tour”.


April 15st - September 31st



Departure time

10:00 - 16:00


2 Hours


icon v Expertly guided  whale and puffin watching tour on a 12 seat RIB boat.


  • This tour may not be suitable for pregnant women. Consult your doctor before signing up.
  • This tour may not be suitable for those with history of back problems or back injury. Consult your doctor before signing up.
  • This tour may not be suitable for those over the age of 65 years.
  • Age limit: 10 Years or 145 cm height.
  • We offer full refund if the tour is cancelled due to weather

The incredible Whale Safari Whale Guarantee: If you don’t see whales on your RIB tour (very unlikely) you can go again for free, this time around trying the bigger boats. And get this, you can choose where you go again, in Reykjavík in South Iceland or in Akureyri in North Iceland.

Hotel Pickup: We offer hotel pickup for a small fee, with pickup starting 45 minutes prior to tour.

We recommend you bring

Dress warmly for our northern ocean, so if you have it, bring warm outdoor clothing like a wool or fleece sweater, some warm headgear and gloves. Sturdy shoes are recommended.

    Reykjavík: Whales & Puffins on RIB Boats

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