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Skagafjörður Fjord: Whitewater River Rafting

Shuttle from Akureyri Available!

Skagafjörður Fjord Whitewater River Rafting Tour is like your favourite Disney World ride, but without a seatbelt! And just like that ride, you don’t need any previous rafting experience to discover for yourself why the East Glacial River has become Iceland’s signature whitewater rafting trip. The reason we’re experienced professionals is so that you don’t have to be, but if you’re scared of getting wet and don’t enjoy excitement, this is definitely not the trip for you. However, we’re pretty confident that you’ll still love our FAMILY RAFTING trip!

The East Glacial River gorge (Jökulsá-Austari) is the setting for our most action-packed and exciting rafting day tour. With spectacular deep canyon scenery and relentless heart-pumping whitewater, the East has been consistently rated one of Europe’s best rafting rivers and topped popular guide books’ lists of “must-do’s” in Iceland. One of the most remote single-day rafting trips on the planet, this whitewater adventure delivers an unforgettable journey into the untamed beauty of Iceland’s river wilderness and a dose of adrenaline strong enough to satisfy the most powerful of cravings. For those traveling Iceland with a thirst for adventure, this is a day tour not to be missed!

Hey, guess what! We now offer a DAILY RIVER SHUTTLE from Akureyri, which departs daily at 7:30 from Akureyri Backpackers and returns around 16:30.

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Price from

24.990 ISK per person

Tour type

Other Regions


Skagafjörður Fjord ● The East Glacial River ● White Water Rafting


May 1st - September 30th



Departure time



6 Hours


icon v All rafting equipment: drysuit, PFD, helmet, booties, gloves
icon v Qualified, professional raft guides and safety kayakers
icon v Transportation between our rafting base and the river
icon v Riverside refreshments (food and hot drinks for East River trips)
icon v Iceland’s ultimate rafting experience!


The first thing you need to know about your rafting trip is that you are probably going to get wet, so don’t be too surprised! The second thing is that there is nothing tropical about Iceland, and even though you are on summer vacation, your speedos will do you no good here. All of our rafting trips run on glacial rivers, which means that the water we paddle in is recently melted ice. As the environment and the elements we face are unpredictable (often cold and always wet) overexposure will not only leave you shivering and misrable, but it can easily become a serious safety concern if you manage to sneak in unprepared. It is your responsibility as participants (yes, you!) to arrive for your rafting trip with adequate warm clothing. What do we mean? Let us explain…

What to wear on the tour:
● Thermal underwear / base layers
● Warm fleece top / wool sweater
● Fleece pants / extra long johns
● Thick wool socks / hiking socks (at least 1 pair)

Be prepared to get wet! All clothing worn on the river should be of a material that keeps its insulating ability when wet. We highly recommend fleece, wool, and synthetic materials. DO NOT WEAR COTTON, so NOT your jeans and favourite hoodie!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR THOSE BOOKED WITH TRANSFER FROM AKUREYRI. This service is available everyday from June 15th to August 31st and must be booked in advance. We require a minimum of 2 people to activate this service. Guests booked for pickup must make take the Sterna bus from Akureyri to Varmahlíð, leaving from Hafnarstræti 77 in Akureyri at 7:30. Please call or email us for more information and to reserve your pick-up. No refunds will be given for those missing their morning bus from Akureyri.

We recommend you bring

● Dry clothing for after the river
● Any necessary medications (asthma inhalers, etc.)
● Waterproof camera (optional)
● Thirst for adventure & sense of humor!

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