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Searching for the Northern Lights

Finding the right location to witness the spectacular display of the Northern Lights is not an easy task. Certainly you can be very lucky and see them by looking out your hotel room window at the right time. However, the light in cities and towns “pollutes” the sky and affects our chance to see the […]

The Season of Northern Lights is Upon Us

The Northern Lights are finally starting to appear on the sky as daylight hours become fewer. This is our favourite time of the year! When this „art of nature“ illuminates the sky with spectacular displays of green, purple, pink, even red, our hearts jump with joy over the chance of exploring and experiencing with our […]

Driving in Iceland

We often get questions about how it is to drive in Iceland. The short answer is that is relatively easy, but… and there is always a but. We decided to gather a few facts and advises from our guides and our sales team! ICELANDIC ROADS The Icelandic road system is extensive and easy to navigate. […]

Thank you for rating! – Tripadvisor Certification of Excellence

We just received word from tripadvisor with the most joyful message, the Certification of Excellence. We have been Certified by our co-travelers for the 4th year in the row and with an average rating of 5 stars and 98% approval rating. Our main objective as a tour operator is to service travelers to Iceland as best we can, and […]

Seven Great Icelandic Waterfalls

Iceland is full of magnificent waterfalls. We love waterfalls and here is a collection seven of our most favorite Icelandic Waterfalls. We have more favorites of course but these have it in common of being located in North Iceland. We even offer a private tour covering them all in one day.  Great Icelandic Waterfalls Tour […]

Off Road and Off Track

Iceland has a bit of a translation problem when it comes to advertising Super Jeep tours and Off Road driving. We off course want to let people know that it is possible to go off the common paved main road for some river crossing and bumpy track driving. A fun and wholesome way to travel, […]

Family Day by Lake Mývatn

The staff at Saga Travel traveled to Lake Mývatn for a family day last Sunday 6th of December. Our first visit was Vogafjós Restaurant, were we enjoyed a hearty winter stew with a glass of fresh milk and a massive dessert, a tiramisu, home made icecream and a pancake with cream. After a wonderful lunch […]

Have we landed on the moon? No, we’re in Reykjanes

A visit to Reykjanes Peninsula and into the Blue Lagoon “Is it just the six of us?” asks one of the four Americans that steps into the minibus where I’m sitting comfortably next to our guide, Árni Tryggvason, with lots of leg room. The traveller seemed to be surprised by the smallness of the group […]

Take the Icelandic Pledge

We at Saga Travel love Iceland, and we hope you will like this place as well as we do. So we hope we can get you to take the Icelandic Pledge with us so we can enjoy Iceland together, without accidents, and with nature reservation in mind. And please remember to share your pledge, so […]

Our New Website

We are extremely happy here at ST HQ with our new website. It is a fully responsive site designed with the needs of all our clients. The whole idea is to make it easy for everyone to find what they are looking for, even though they do not know what exactly what they are looking […]

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