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Shore Excursions

Finding your tour operator on arrival of a cruise ship can be a stressful procedure. Thousands of fellow travelers are looking for their operator at the same time and the port can be a chaotic place.  Here at Saga Travel we pride ourselves of going the extra mile of making this process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We are easy to find because we have a fixed meeting point hub, and employees located at the port, right be the exit of your cruise ship. We live by a set of few basic rules, designed to make your experience on shore the best possible:

  • Our tours depart at set departure time, which is set 1 hour after the cruise ship arrival. If the ship is early, we will depart on the set departure time. If the ship is late, we will wait and depart 1 hour after actual departure time.
  • Our vehicle arrives 15 minutes before the set departure time.
  • Our employees arrive 30 minutes before the set departure time to provide information and answer all your questions. They will wait outside your ship with a Saga Travel sign (See pickup points on picture below).
  • We have a meeting point. There you can find us, get information and check availability for further tour options. Our friends at Braggaparkið operate a small gift shop on same location, they offer refreshments, access to a restroom and sell mosquito nets (very important if you want to visit Lake Mývatn in summer time).

Private Tours

Pickup for Private tours is always adjusted to the preferences and comfort of our clients. Whether you arrive by sea, air or road, we will wait at your arrival destination with a sign with your name on it.

Day Tours and Transfers

Pickup for Day Tours are available at hotels and guesthouses in Akureyri. Pickup starts 15 minutes prior to tour departure. This means that pickup happens in that 15 min window until the start of the tour.