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Small Group vs Bus tour

We at Saga Travel offer a Small Group Tours Guarantee for those who buy a small group tour – we also operate Bus Tours for those who prefer that

We offer Small Group Guarantee day tours those  who buy Small Group Tour.
Small Group Tours is one of the best way to experience Icelandic nature, is on your own terms, and your own pace. Our guests should be able to enjoy their time without being hurried, or waiting on fellow travelers.

Thus we have 19 person or less as maximum on all our Small Group Tours, which are operated on Trucks, Mini-Vans and Mini-Buses. We guarantee you will enjoy your adventures more thoroughly when travelling in small groups.

We at Saga Travel are also operating a Bus Tours, they are also very nice – that is an guarantee.

Here on our website we also offer number of tours from other tour operators that we have selected based on trust and quality. All those tours are labelled “saga travel partner service”. Some of “Saga Travel Partner Service” tours are not Small Groups Guarantee, like whale watching or airport transfer.

Small Group Tour Gurantee

Saga Travel sister company in Reykjavík, GeoIceland offer great day tours from the capital city.