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Lofthellir Ice Cave Tour

Weird World of Ice & Darkness

Lofthellir Ice Cave Tour in the Volcanic Outback of Lake Mývatn

Join the Lofthellir Ice Cave Tour from Lake Mývatn and take part in an adventure! The tour takes you through the stunning landscape of the volcanic outback of Lake Mývatn. To the mystical world of darkness and ice in the Lofthellir Ice Cave.  The main attraction of the cave is the greatest natural ice sculptures currently known in Iceland, formed by thousands of years of dripping water.
We at Saga Travel pride ourselves on having exclusive rights to offer guided tours to this 3.500 year old lava tube cave. The limit of visitors in each tour is 10 persons, this is both to limit visitors affect on the cave and also to give our clients a unique chance to visit Lofthellir Ice Cave in a small group.

Tour Description

From Lake Mývatn we drive along a rugged track around the unique volcano Hverfjall, through the crater row of Lúdentsborgir where we stop and enjoy the view over the Lake Mývatn area. After about 45 minutes drive we arrive at he roots of Mt. Hvannfell.
After 20-30 minutes walk across a lava field which is adorned by spectacular ropy lava, we reach the Lofthellir Ice Cave. At least one hour is spent inside the cave, observing this unbelievable natural phenomenon. The temperature inside the cave is around 0°C so warm and preferably waterproof clothes are recommended. After walking back over the lava field we enjoy the scenic drive through the incredible geology of the landscape on our way back to Lake Mývatn.

Departures from Lake Mývatn

Daily Departures at 10:30

This Lofthellir Ice Cave tour is also available from AKUREYRI & Reykjavík

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Price from

19.900 ISK per person

Tour type

Day Tour Lake Mývatn


  • Ludentsborgir crater row
  • Lava field hike
  • Cave Lofthellir
  • Natural Ice Sculptures
  • The Volcanic Outback by Lake Myvatn

Departure time

Weekdays at 10:30am
Weekends at 11:00am


4-6 Hours


v Fully guided tour

v Transportation

v Cave exploration equipment; helmet, headlight and studded boots

x Refreshments


  • This tour is not suitable for young children, people with claustrophobia or people that are not in reasonable physical condition
  • Not recommended for people with knee or hip problems
  • To reach the cave is a 30 minute hike across a relatively smooth lava field
  • The short entry (approx. 1,5m) into the cave is narrow and guests need to crawl on their stomach to enter
  • There is ice and water on the floor of the cave and the temperature inside the cave is around 0°C
  • Due to weather and/or road conditions we might have longer journey time or cancellation of the tour

Meeting point: Lake Mývatn Information Centre or free hotel pick up

We recommend you bring

  • Warm and waterproof clothing
  • Gloves
  • Good walking shoes
  • Water bottle

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