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By choosing Saga Travel you can be sure that you are travelling with a company that takes its commitment to sustainable tourism seriously.  We have been dedicated to operating in as sustainable way as possible since the very beginning.

We continually search for new ways in which we can improve  our performance, strengthening our connection to the environments, communities and economies in which we operate.  For us this  connection and responsibility has always been a constant and will continue to be at the very core of our business growth and decision making.

We are passionate about wilderness and wild places and the range of adventures that are available throughout Iceland.  We have a genuine enthusiasm to share the landscapes, flora, fauna, saga and  tails of our land with our clients.  We greatly value these assets and are absolutely committed to operating in a manner which conserves and enhances our natural environment.

Through the provision of engaging experiences from wilderness to wildlife, we are firmly of the view that positive tourism experiences have the capacity to foster a strong connection with the natural world and promote more sustainable living.

We never forget that first and foremost our adventures are about great holiday experiences so, don’t worry, we won’t be holding evening lectures and workshops on carbon cycles and alternative energy!  However, you can expect our experienced and knowledgeable guides to develop your understanding of the amazing environment in which we live.

A experience with Saga Travel is defined not only by its environmental qualities.  Integral to the experience is an involvement and interaction with local communities.

We consistently receive feedback from clients that the encounters and relationships with the local population are one of the most enjoyable and memorable elements of a trip to Iceland.  We strongly support this view and recognise the wonderful contribution and added value that communities, culture and customs make to the tourism experience.

We are absolutely committed to engaging local businesses throughout our entire operation and ensuring that the economic benefits are distributed in this equitable way.  As well as providing a great service to our clients, by working with local partners it also means that our groups always receive a warm welcome from the locals wherever we go.

Sincerely yours
Team Saga Travel