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Forest Lagoon visit w/ Transfer & Towel

A transfer to the most relaxing spot in Eyjafjörður

At the Forest Lagoon we believe that to create unique experiences every detail matters. With views overlooking one of Iceland’s longest fjords, Eyjafjörður, the spa’s unique location surrounded by birch and pine trees truly sets it apart. During the visit to the Forest Lagoon guests will experience the view, the tranquility and the energy of Vaðlaskógur, the forest that surrounds the baths.

The transfer

We pickup at hotels and guesthouses in Akureyri at 5:30pm and take you to the Forest Lagoon. Pickup starts 15 minutes prior to the tour starting time. We pickup for the return transfer at 7:30pm at the Forest Lagoon, please wait in the lobby.


There are two pools at the Forest Lagoon. The large pool is 530m2 and the temperature is kept around 37°C (98.6F), it has two swim-up bars and an indoor entry. The small pool is 53m2 and the temperature is kept around 40°C (104F).

Finnish Dry Sauna

Our sauna harnesses the power of dry heat. Unlike steam rooms, also known as wet saunas, moisture and steam play no part in a Finnish dry sauna. The humidity is kept around 20% and the temperature is around 80°C. At our sauna, along with enjoying all the health benefits dry sauna brings, you will also experience a unique view over Eyjafjörður and the mountains surrounding it. Just remember to wear your swimsuits in there.

Cold pool

Next to the dry sauna we have a cold pool and we highly recommend our guests to enjoy the health benefits combining those two can bring. The temperature of the cold pool is 11°C (51.8F).

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Price from

11.900 ISK per person




  • Forest Lagoon spa
  • Towel is included




Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Departure time





  • Admission for 1x adult
  • Use of a towel during your stay
  • Transfer to and from accommodation


  • Reservation is Necessary

We recommend you bring

  • Swimsuit, they can be rented however