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Hverfjall Volcano Sunrise Hike

Experience the Sunrise on top of the Hverfjall Crater

Experience the Majesty of Mt. Hverfjall Volcano with an Early Morning Sunrise Hike

Mt. Hverfjall stands as one of the largest tephra craters on the planet, a testament to the raw power of nature. Formed just around 3000 years ago during a cataclysmic eruption, this crater offers a glimpse into Iceland’s tumultuous volcanic history. Positioned centrally, its summit affords a sweeping panoramic vista over the entire Myvatn region, granting a bird’s-eye perspective on this captivating landscape. From the crater’s rim, it becomes evident how millennia of tectonic shifts have sculpted and defined this dynamic volcanic terrain.

The Hike Itself

Embark on a relatively easy hike with approximately 100 meters of incline at a gentle 15-20° gradient. For added traction, Geo Travel provides spikes for your shoes as necessary. The need for crampons may vary depending on trail conditions, and in some instances, snowshoes may be required for the 1.5-kilometer journey to the crater. Once atop the crater, enjoy a leisurely 2-kilometer stroll along its rim, soaking in the awe-inspiring views that unfold before you.

Departure Time Adjustments for Sunrise

Our departure times are carefully coordinated to coincide with the breathtaking spectacle of sunrise. Ascend the volcano’s slopes just as the sun begins to crest over the horizon, casting its golden hues across the landscape. Thanks to the low angle of the winter sun in Iceland, each morning promises a captivating display of colors, illuminating the sky with unparalleled beauty. Departure times vary according to sunrise schedules, commencing at 09:00 in January and as early as 6:30 in March. Pickup arrangements will be confirmed upon booking, ensuring a seamless start to your adventure.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the splendor of Mt. Hverfjall at daybreak, where nature’s grandeur unfolds in a breathtaking display of light and shadow. Join us for an unforgettable sunrise hike, where the beauty of Iceland’s volcanic landscape takes center stage.

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Price from

15.900 ISK per person


Lake Mývatn


  • Sunrise on top of a mountain
  • Hiking one of the biggest craters in the world
  • The refreshing winter morning sun





Departure time

7:45am (adjusted to sunrise)




  • Guided hike
  • Transfer from Hotel
  • Crampons and/or snowshoes (depending condition)


  • If weather conditions are too harsh, the operator reserves the right to cancel a tour
  • For safety reasons our guide can refuse customers who are not dressed well enough
  • Reservation is necessary

We recommend you bring

  • Bring warm clothes
  • Waterproof jacket and pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Good hiking shoes/boots
  • Snacks and drinking water