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Searching for the Northern Lights

Searching for the Northern Lights

Finding the right location to witness the spectacular display of the Northern Lights is not an easy task. Certainly you can be very lucky and see them by looking out your hotel room window at the right time. However, the light in cities and towns “pollutes” the sky and affects our chance to see the magical lights. Thus, it makes sense to leave the glowing city and head out of town, into the dark winter night, a thrilling experience by itself for many us city dwellers.

The Hunters

This experience is further advanced in Saga Travel tours because of our expert local guides. Location is very important, not only because of the light pollution, but also in regards of winds, cloud coverage, view and atmosphere.  And who can find the best spots if not the local lad. But they do not only rely on their own wits, they need other tools as well.

Our hunting tools

northernlights2016 (16 of 23)Before we go hunting, we check the forecast for weather, road conditions and Aurora intensity. And among the tools we use is the excellent Icelandic Road Map, www.road.is, which shows us the road conditions and when they were cleared of snow. This is Iceland after all. For aurora activity we use the Aurora forecast tools available on Norðurljósaspá web.  And finally we check the weather and predicted cloud coverage per hour, mostly through the official website of the Icelandic Meteorological Office, www.en.vedur.is as well as through www.belgingur.is. Both sites offer an extensive overview of Icelandic weather,  very important information for traveling in Iceland since the weather here changes every 5 minutes, well perhaps every 15 minutes.

Our friends and families

At last but not least, we call upon relatives, friends and acquaintances. This being Iceland we have relatives living in the areas we visit for the Northern lights. Those serve as our eyes on the ground. Because let’s face it, machines and supercomputers are in no way perfect. And our relatives are much more fun as well. Combining technology, experience and insight, we do our best to find the best spot for viewing the Northern lights. At last we offer a complementary second try on most of our Northern Lights tours. So if you have no luck the first time around, you can join us on our next exploration the following evening. That, in addition to our vast experience allows us to proudly claim that the likelihood of you seeing the Aurora borealis is greatly increased through Saga Travel tours.


Team Saga Travel

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