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Saga Travel GeoIceland, actions and information to prevent the risk of infections 

On behalf of the Saga Travel GeoIceland team, we would like to inform you of the contingency plan we have issued with regards to the recent pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. We would firstly like to mention that all tourists are welcome to Iceland and no travel restrictions are in place for travel to Iceland. We are going to operate our tours as scheduled but with a few changes so that we can protect our employees, customers and our workplace.  We will be operating under all policies from the Department of Health and Department of Civil Protection in Iceland.   

Below you will find listed some of the steps that we are taking to do our best in preventing infection and make your journey with us as safe and pleasant as possible:  

Vehicle hygiene:  

  • Information cards from the Department of Health are visible in every car. 
  • Antiseptic liquid pumps in all cars for all to use.  
  • Antiseptic wipes in all cars for guides to clean regularly the most common contact surfaces (steering wheel, door handles, arm rests etc.).  
  • All cars are already cleaned daily – this will be updated with careful disinfection after each tour.  
  • We will be lowering the number of passengers in each bus to ensure that there is enough space between groups of peopleAll our tours are operated on minibuses, so you are never traveling in a crowd  


  • All our guides are up to date on symptoms, ways of spreading and how to prevent infection.  
  • We require all guides to carefully follow all policies and be ready to assist the customers if they are unsure.  
  • All our guides know how to react if anyone is showing symptoms and have received first aid training.  

Overall, we are urging our customers to be safe and practice good hygiene on board our vehicles, washing hands thoroughly with soap is the most important defense against the virus.   We ask our passengers to be respectful of fellow travelers and enjoy the day and journey.

When it comes to cancellations, we understand that cancelling vacations can be frustrating, so we do our best to accommodate the customer by either rescheduling within the year or issue credit for the next 2 years. 
Contact us at sagatravel@sagatravel.is  

Warm regards from the Saga Travel GeoIceland team



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