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Shore Excursions

Saga travel services Cruise Ships with customized Shore Excursions day tours from ship side on arrival. You can find our tours here below.

Cruiseship schedules 2024

Here you find the docking and departure time of cruises arriving in Iceland in the summer of 2024. Make sure you book the right date and the right time and compare to the schedule.

Akureyri Cruise Ship schedule

Reykjavik Cruise Ship schedule

Where / how will we meet at the dock?

Finding your tour operator on arrival of a cruise ship can be a stressful procedure. Thousands of fellow travelers are looking for their operator at the same time and the port can be a chaotic place.  Here at Saga Travel we pride ourselves of going the extra mile of making this process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We are easy to find because we have a fixed meeting point hub, and employees located at the port, right be the exit of your cruise ship. We live by a set of few basic rules, designed to make your experience on shore the best possible:

  • Our tours depart at set departure time, which is set 1 hour after the cruise ship arrival. If the ship is early, we will depart on the set departure time. If the ship is late, we will wait and depart 1 hour after actual departure time.
  • Our vehicle arrives 15 minutes before the set departure time.
  • Our employees arrive 30 minutes before the set departure time to provide information and answer all your questions. They will wait outside your ship with a Saga Travel sign (See pickup points on picture below).
  • We have a meeting point. There you can find us, get information and check availability for further tour options. Our friends at Braggaparkið operate a small gift shop on same location, they offer refreshments, access to a restroom and sell mosquito nets (very important if you want to visit Lake Mývatn in summer time).

Private Shore Excursions

All our tours can also be done as Private Tours for you and your group. We then customize the itinerary according to your time in Iceland, interest and expectations.

Private Day Tours

Worry free traveling

Saga Travel takes departure times seriously. We guarantee that you will be at the dock at least one hour before your ship’s departure.

Frequently Asked Questions on Shore Excursions

Cruise ships

In the summer, light clothing is often all you need – but always be prepared for both cold and wet weather, all times of the year. The weather can be extremely changeable and tricky to foresee. Icelanders often say, “If you don´t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes.” The local trick to staying warm and prepared for all weather is layers of clothes. In the wintertime, you will need warm shoes and socks!

Fun fact: A favourite pastime is year-round outdoor swimming in countless geothermally heated pools and lagoons, with a typical temperature of 25-28°C. Bring your swimsuit!

On our day tours we offer pickup at your accommodation. On shore excursions from Cruise ship have a departure point from the harbor. We offer pickup on our private tours, from your accommodation or preselected pickup location.

More info on Pickups can be found here!

No, due to high number of no shows in 2022 we decided to stop allowing guests to pay on arrival. Now you can only pay all the amount when you are booking. We of course still offer a full refund up until 24h on most our products and we use a secure payment system hosted by Rapyd. We accept most Credit Cards (Not American Express) and it is possible to use Apple pay and Google pay on most mobile devices.

The tours from port are customized around cruise time frame so if your cruise docks late your guide will wait for you and the guide will also make sure to bring you back to the cruise in time.

The guide will be waiting for you at the port with a Saga Travel GeoIceland sign.

If you booked a tour from port, your tour is customized only for cruise ship passengers so your guide will wait for you.

You will receive a full refund if your cruise cannot dock.

If we cancel the tour, you will receive an email and offered to reschedule. If rescheduling does not work out, we refund the booking.

Yes, we guarantee you will be back! No worries and enjoy your holiday! Our tours that depart from the harbor are scheduled for cruise ship passengers only and customized to the according time frame given. We guarantee that the tour arrives back before the ship departure from dock. See our specially organized Cruise Ship tours here.